Aug 28, 2019 · I believe Goreshx's datamine said that he wouldn't have it, despite him clearly starting out as Super Saiyan 1. Is it because they only datamined the global version, or did Bamco deadass just say "no?" Dec 19, 2004 · The Cell Games 10-day waiting period has a few. Maybe playing some past stuff like Goku raising baby Gohan, Goku playing with those rings Tao Pai Pai gave him, Gohan saving that village from the rich guy that had a bunker.

Oct 27, 2019 · The daily life of the Goku & Vegeta family, Goku Gets 100 Million Zeni, Dragon Ball Super EnglishDub - Duration: 10:50. Goku Fan 408,196 views 1,274 Followers, 23 Posts. Sucked into the Dokkan vortex. Do ENG & JP translations for all Dragon Ball related topics. ドッカン渦に吸い込まれた。ドラゴンボールに関連するすべてのトピックについて英語と日本語の翻訳を行う。