The guys in the telstra shop advised me to purchase the nighthawk m1 modem as the upload and download speeds are much faster. The speeds are much faster and its a good connection however the commander phones dont work now as i now need to change the modem settings by disabling SIP ALG and QOS to ensure the commander phones can work. Disable Netgear SIP ALG and DoS settings. Some providers offer configuration information. May need latest firmware to access ALG. R7000 Nighthawk, R8500 Nighthawk X8 YES. Disable SIP ALG and DoS settings. Also do not setup QoS. May still have some audio related issues or registration failures. SIP ALG, SIP Helper or Deep Packet Inspection needs to be disabled on the firewall – can be different names based on the vendor (and can be GUI or CLI command). Ports forwarding and port allocation needs to be configured properly.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2600 Smart WiFi Router is built to handle all your high-bandwidth online activities with features that will keep you connected at top speeds. With the powerful dual-core processor, MU-MIMO and Dynamic QoS, this Nighthawk router can prioritize bandwidth to your game so other devices on the network don't slow down your connection.