A simple late 19th century bow and curtsy are executed here. You may also find many lovely pictures of the curtsy being executed by or before members of the European Royalty here . Top , the famous curtsy of Diana of Wales before the Queen on her wedding day; These four images from Durang's Terpsichere of 1848 offer illustrations and details on the execution of a bow and a curtsey. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE. The importance of etiquette in eighteenth and nineteenth century ballrooms cannot be understated; each and every element of a dance was guided by the strict rules of deportment. Nov 11, 2003 · Let's define some terms here. First the bow is a simple head bow, the curtsey is done while standing in attitude à terre, and by bending the supporting knee. There is a formal grand révérence which is done by both sexes, which is based on the bow en passant from 18th-century court etiquette.

In this video you watch a demonstration of what a person did before they began a dance during the early 19th Century. They show you what one is supposed to do before it and how the bow and curtsy work. Dec 18, 2013 · The Witches Magick for Dec. 18th - Bow To The Moon Spell In many countries, it is considered unlucky to point directly at the moon, but if you curtsey or bow to the moon, it will draw gifts and favors to you during the next moon cycle.