Mar 24, 2017 · That solution it's not working any more, from the react-navigation doc: React Element or a function that given HeaderProps returns a React Element, to display as a header. Setting to null hides header. static navigationOptions = { title: 'Welcome', header: null }; Sep 07, 2017 · A cross-platform (iOS / Android), fully customizable, React Native Navigation Bar component. I created this project after going through the navbars contained in Awesome React and not finding any that were cross-platform, customizable, and integrated the status bar. 2) Redux and stack-based NavigationBar enables any view to act as a navigation view using reducers to manipulate state at a top-level object. Can be used only on components that are within the stack (i.e. it cannot be used on Modal window). Internally, it relies on NavigationExperimental from react-native-navigation-experimental-compat.

Tab navigation. Possibly the most common style of navigation in mobile apps is tab-based navigation. This can be tabs on the bottom of the screen or on the top below the header (or even instead of a header). This guide covers createBottomTabNavigator. You may also use createMaterialBottomTabNavigator and createMaterialTopTabNavigator... React Native Top Tab Navigator Example. Let's create a top tab navigator with custom status bar and header section. In this example, we will create three different screens for "Home", "Profile" and "Settings" router.