MitoSOX Red reagent is novel fluorogenic dye specifically targeted to mitochondria in live cells. Oxidation of MitoSOX Red reagent by superoxide produces red fluorescence. Readily oxidized by superoxide but not by other ROS- or RNS-generating systems

How reliable is MitosoxRed for measurement in 96 well plates? I would like to use Mitosox red o read mitochondrial ROS. I have seen that mostly it is used for imaging purposes. How reliable it is ... At 24 h after treatment, cells were treated with MitoSOX red (5 ... After fixation, the cells were conventionally dehydrated, embedded, sectioned and stained, and the formation of autophagic ... MitoTracker® Red CMXRos, we have found that fixing with 3.7% formaldehyde in complete growth medium at 37°C for 15 minutes works well for endothelial cells. 2.3 Rinsing the cells. After fixation, rinse the cells several times in buffer.