The Varget is a little slow for that bullet weight, even though loads are listed. It really works better with the 69 grain match bullets and up. With that 55 grain bullet, the 2.2 additional grains it requires will be tossed out of tube still not burned. H335 is better, having been devised for this bullet weight in military ball ammo. Using WW-748, VVN132, H322, H335 and Varget, mag primers, standard and benchrest, various makes of brass and various brand of bullets from 45 gr to 60 gr, I've finally settled on a load of 27.0 gr Varget under a Speer flat base 52 gr HP, using a BR4 primer and W-W or Federal cases. Summer or winter, it chronos at approx 3300 fps. Meaning any load data given here like what I posted earlier "may" be too hot for your rifle. I posted 25 grains of H335 for a 55 grain bullet for my LONGER throated rifles and the #9 Hornady manual for a "SHORT" throated .223 is 23.2 grains of H335 for the same 55 grain bullet.

Mar 14, 2009 · The loads run well and I haven't had any malfunctions with that load. I was told that many AR shooters don't get real good accuracy with the jacketed 55 grn, but that is all I shoot. The shooter didn't really say why. The 2230 is supposed to be accurate but I was told by a gunmaker that it is a dirty powder for the AR's. Another vote for 25gr of H335, it's a ball powder and meters as good as any, better than most. With range pickup mixed headstamp brass and midsouth varmint grenade bulk bullets you should be able to group 5 shots into 1" at 100yds with that load. I also load 26gr of H-335 under 50 gr bullets in the .223.