Aeneas definition, a Trojan hero, the reputed ancestor of the Romans: protagonist of the Aeneid. See more. Dido, in Greek legend, the reputed founder of Carthage, daughter of the Tyrian king Mutto (or Belus), and wife of Sychaeus (or Acerbas). Her husband having been slain by her brother Pygmalion, Dido fled to the coast of Africa where she purchased from a local chieftain, Iarbas, a piece of land on The pious hero Aeneas was already well known in Greco-Roman legend and myth, having been a major character in Homer’s “The Iliad”, in which Poseidon first prophesies that Aeneas will survive the Trojan War and assume leadership over the Trojan people.

Dido and Aeneas (/ˈdaɪdoʊ/ "Dy-doh and eh-Nee-us") is a three-act English opera. The story and words were written by Nahum Tate. The music was written by Henry Purcell. The opera was probably written about 1684-1685. Dido is Purcell's only true opera. It was possibly modeled on John Blow's Venus and Adonis. Blow's piece was written and ... Note: Because this story was taken from Latin sources, Roman names are used. Written during the Pax Augusta, a time of great optimism for Rome, Virgil’s Aeneid chronicles the adventures of Aeneas, the Trojan hero and mythical progenitor of the Roman people.